We all grow at different rates, and that’s PERFECTLY ok!
Think of earth for a minute. Think of the colors, the flowers, the animals, and the people. What’s one thing everything has in common?
God purposely created variety in all things because He knew that everyone and everything needed to fulfill their own mission, their own purpose, and their own destiny.
We’re not meant to be the same.
Each of us were created to experience our own journey of growth, discovery, and fulfillment.
Sometimes it can be so hard not to compare ourselves to our neighbor, our family, or a stranger — but when we realize that just as an oak tree and a palm tree weren’t meant to be the same, but fulfill their own measure of creation, we can realize that we too have our own life to live, and it’s PERFECTLY OK that it’s different from everyone else’s.
You’re beautiful just as you are.
Be kind to yourself.
Your mission is your own.
Your growth is your own.
Comparison isn’t worth it.

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