They said it couldn’t be done at 24.
They said I had to follow a certain path to make my life a success.
They said mental illness was mental weakness.
They said failing in life meant I was a failure.
Well, those who people imagine nothing of often do the things no one can imagine!
This book is a testament that mental illness, discouragement, life challenges, therapy, or suicidal thoughts don’t define who a person is — but they can refine them into who they’re meant to be.
This book is a testament that even when we reach the deepest and darkest pit emotionally and psychologically (cause we all will at some point in our lives), we can make our way out of it and discover/fulfill our missions in life.
This book is a testament that prayer still works, that God has a plan for us, and that mistakes can be life’s greatest stepping stones to higher and better destinations.
I can’t wait to share with any and all who pick up a copy:
1. That you MATTER!
2. That your life and mission is unique, personal, and beautiful to you.
3. That no matter how many times you fall down, you can get up and keep moving forward with faith, positivity, and courage.
4. That you are ENOUGH!
Live your dreams!
Follow your heart!
Never give up!
Great things are in store for you!
ALSO, we sold out Amazon last night! We are working on restocking NOW, so feel free to order there.
And if you like the book (or me) I’d love to have you leave a review on Amazon!!

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