I did something particularly stupid this week.
Details aren’t important, but let’s just say I had promised not to do it multiple times before — but then I did it again in a moment of emotional exhaustion.
Ever been there?
In the midst of experiencing guilt and regret for what I’d promised myself I wouldn’t do again,
I said an “angry prayer.” It’s like a prayer, but I’m really angry when I say it.
Long story short, I shouted to God with disgust, “I AM A SINNER!”
I then felt a calmness come over me and these words came to mind, “But you’re MY sinner.”
It made me stop and think. Yes, God cannot look upon sin with the least degree of allowance (D&C 1:31), but He can look upon ME with the highest degree of acceptance and love (John 3:16).
He loves me.
I felt it, and it motivated me to get up off the floor, make wrong things right, and try again with a new resolve in my heart.
I know there are many of us right now that are experiencing the same feelings I felt, regardless of circumstance.
Let my story help you on your way — yes, we are all sinners, but more importantly, we are HIS sinners.
As we turn to Him, He will never push us away from coming back to His light, guidance, forgiveness, and joy… no matter how many times we’ve stumbled.
Let’s take advantage of that, and live our best lives today!🙏🏼❤️🙌🏼

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