*Warning for a vulnerable and raw post about suicide.*
When I was 18, a friend of mine took their life by hanging themselves.
We weren’t particularly close, but had lived on the same street for about 4 years and did a few things together.
As I went into the local church where the viewing was held, I saw two girls running out of the room sobbing, and absolutely stunned that someone they loved was gone.
A few weeks later another friend of mine tried to take their own life, but stopped moments before the act would’ve been completed.
Afterwards, I spoke with them and asked what changed their minds.
They told me that right before they were about to slit their wrists, a thought came to their mind…
“The person who completes suicide, dies once. Those left behind die a thousand deaths, trying to relive those terrible moments and understand… why?”
They immediately stopped, and vowed to get the help they needed to continue living.
To anyone out there who is considering ending their lives, knows someone who is, or has been through it themselves — please stay.
Please. I know you’re in a dark place. I know you’re hurting. I know you’re lonely. I’ve been there.
Please stay. Please get help. We LOVE you. We don’t want you to leave us.
Your life is SO much more than this pain you’re experiencing.
Your friend,

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