Some of my favorite growing up involved tales of adventurers taking long journeys through snow, rain, forests, and deserts. They had to fight trolls, goblins, and ogres. They faced sickness, fear, and disappointments. Finally, at the end of the adventure, their final task was to conquer a big fire-breathing dragon and win the treasure of gold.
Who would’ve thought that life would be a lot like those tales we read about when we were kids?
There’s adversity, battles of the mind, heart, body, and soul, and moments when all we might want to do is turn back instead of fight the dragon!
But guess what? We don’t get the gold without the dragon.
We don’t appreciate the victory without the loss.
We don’t feel the joy without the pain.
Life’s gold is different for everyone — to some it may be financial wealth, to others it may be spiritual prosperity, still to others it may mean freedom from addiction or a better relationship.
Regardless of what it may be, I hope we can all keep fighting, keep pushing through, and keep getting back up when we fall, because we are more than capable, greater than any fear we may have, and stronger than any opposition that may come our way!
Let’s take on those dragons, and claim our gold!

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