Two weeks ago, Sabrina and I got into a fight.
No, not a fist fight.
No, not a screaming fight.
But a fight where mean things were said and feelings were hurt.
Anyone who has ever been in a relationship will understand.
It got to the point where we didn’t talk to each other for almost three days… and it was a ROUGH three days (because we love talking to each other!).
Is it just me, or when things are off at home, does it mess with EVERYTHING else in life?
Work is worse — friendships are worse — just everything is worse.
Long story short, we figured it out, said sorry, and hugged it out— but it taught me five lessons that maybe will help those of you going through a tough time right now.
1. All relationships are imperfect.
2. Everybody struggles in some area of their lives, even with social media showing only the “perfect” and “pretty”.
3. Kindness towards everyone is key, because you never know what people may be going through.
4. Comparison is the thief of contentment.
5. Taking full responsibility for what you do/say is one of the highest signs of human maturity.
So, just in case you think you are the only one struggling, or you think your relationship is falling apart, or you think that girl/guy is so perfect and you’re flawed — just remember that we all have rough days. We all struggle. We all need each other’s help to be lifted up, treated fairly, and forgiven when we fall.
We got this!

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