When I contemplated suicide at the age of 19, I did so because I couldn’t see any other way to end the emotional and mental pain I was facing.

I thought my life was a disaster.
I thought I was a failure.
My days and nights were crippled by anxiety, depression, and panic attacks.

5 minutes before I was planning on ending it all, I thought I would call a friend.

If they answered, I would stay.
If they didn’t, I’d end it.

5 years later, I’m forever grateful my friend answered.

5 years later, I’m forever grateful for God’s grace and mercy.

5 years later, I’m forever grateful I went through what I did so that I can empathize with and help those who face similar challenges.

5 years later, I want anyone reading this to know that I understand your pain if you’re contemplating suicide; but I want you to know that WE NEED YOU HERE.

Most people end their lives because they feel isolated or like they are a burden. I promise you are not a burden, and I promise you have people who care about you.

Stay with us a little longer, and I promise that sooner or later you’ll be able to connect the dots.

Call for help.
Reach out.
You are needed.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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