I was 19 years old when I first experienced the desire to commit suicide.
It was scary. It was painful. And it was REAL.
I was in the middle of one of the most difficult emotional, psychological, and mental trials of my life. I felt broken. I felt forgotten.
I thought that ending things would end the pain — but I decided to call a friend first and he helped me stick it out…. I’m forever grateful for that call.
This post is for anyone who is either feeling suicidal, or is helping someone navigate that misunderstood territory.
First off, when it comes to committing suicide, very rarely, if ever, is it because people want to give up. Most of the time it’s considered or done because the individual literally CAN’T see any other way to end their pain, misery, or struggles.
Whether it’s due to mental illness or some other emotional, physical, or mental challenge, suicide can be a touchy topic to talk about.
A lot of people don’t know what to do when helping someone who is struggling with thoughts of ending their lives, so here’s something thoughts to guide you:
1. Listen with love. If someone comes to you who is suicidal that means your are highly trusted and needed. Don’t shun them. Don’t make their problems seem smaller than they are. Listen, comfort, and let them know you love them.
2. Remind the individual that they matter, and that the storm they are facing will pass, because as hard as this is to believe, those considering suicide 100% believe that they DON’T matter, and that the storm WON’T pass.
3. You can’t force anyone to do anything, so when helping the individual, remind them that you are there for them. Maybe they want you to talk for an hour. Maybe they don’t want you there for long. Whatever it is, be WHAT THEY NEED.
4. Just remind the person that if they can make it one more day, things will be better. Just one more day. Too often we stack up our futures so high that they seem unbeatable and impossible. It’s all about taking life one day at a time, and managing the difficulties that come from that.
5. As hard as this is to say, if the person you love ends up taking their life or doesn’t want help, don’t put it on yourself. You’re doing the best you can, and they have their agency.
Remember: You Are Always Enough.
We need you, and we love you!

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