It is reported that over 800,000 people die by suicide every year.
Over 8,000,000 people die from mental health-related issues every year.
1 in 5 adolescents suffers from some form of mental illness.
Depression affects over 264,000,000 people worldwide.
Most people who struggle with mental health issues don’t seek necessary treatment due to social or cultural stigmas surrounding illnesses that “can’t be seen.”
I know this from personal experience, and it breaks my heart.
This post today is to offer a plea for kindness, prayers, and understanding to be the light in somebody’s life today.
We don’t know who is struggling.
We don’t know who is going through hell.
Just as we wouldn’t tell someone who tore their ACL or was seeking treatment for cancer to “suck it up”, “toughen up” or “it’s not that bad”, I would ask that we choose to love, strengthen, and offer a listening ear to those in need today.
Let’s be the difference.
Let’s choose love over inappropriate judgment.

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