You Are Enough Devotional

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The Meaning of Your Mission – Helping a Missionary Who Returns Early

Thousands of missionaries have just been “reassigned” to their homes for an unknown period of time due to circumstances outside of their control, namely the Covid-19 pandemic, but some also come home earlier than expected for different reasons such as mental illness, past sins unresolved, or other circumstances.

Many of these missionaries are feeling confounded, misunderstood, and confused for what the future holds for them. Thoughts and questions are racing through their minds on a daily basis, such as:

“Did I fail the Lord because I only served six months?”

“Is my full-time mission over?”

The Lisa Show (Time Segment 18:15 – 33:01)

Those who have experienced mental illness know how debilitating it can feel and despondent life can seem. Despite the many resources to help, finding purpose and meaning in your life, while passing through those moments, can be extremely difficult and sometimes seemingly impossible. For those who have not experienced mental illness, understanding those with it can also be a great challenge. Well today, we are very excited to hear from Drew Young, the author of The Meaning of Your Mission, which tells his story of overcoming the opposition that accompanies mental illness to find his purpose in life.   

Listen, Learn & Love Hosted by Richard Ostler Episode 276

My friend Drew Young (active LDS, age 24, married) shares his story as an early release missionary in his new book called “The Meaning of Your Mission: Lessons and Principals to Know You Are Enough.”

Drew talks about the anxiety and depression that led to ending his mission after 62 days and the dark 18 months that followed. Drew eventually found hope and healing and is releasing a book to share his story.

If emotional health challenges are part of your journey or you want to help someone walking this road, please listen to this podcast and read Drew’s book. I learned so much listening to Drew’s insights and perspectives—some that brought tears to my eyes as I realized Drew’s unique life mission to help others.

Worldwide Inspiration Podcast:

After failing to complete a 24-month mission for his church Drew returned home early utterly defeated, embarrassed, and looking for meaning. Through his journey of healing he discovered what he calls the Four Investments that if done have the power to make life more peaceful, bring one closer to God, and help you to fulfill your personal mission.

In this week’s Episode Drew will walk us through his own experiences, sharing the highs and lows and the lessons he has learned as he has used these trials to springboard into his unique mission in life as a husband, father, and Publicity Manager for Franklin Covey, the internationally acclaimed producer of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

As a bonus, Drew explains to us the three lies of Satan and how he learned to recognize the opposing truths that ultimately set him free.

Latter Day Lives Podcast:

We talk about his growing up on the east coast in a large family, the challenges and blessings of moving to Utah at age twelve, discovering struggles with anxiety, being bullied, finding strength and confidence in himself, the decision to serve a mission, difficulties with the return of anxiety in the MTC, and ultimately the decision to come home at the end of his MTC experience. He then shares the challenges an early returned missionary faces including dealing with sometimes hurtful questions and comments from friends and families, wrestling with self-worth, figuring out what comes next and how the atonement plays in to all of this. These experiences lead Drew to figure out his mission in life, find peace, gain strength and now publish his new book to help others find their mission. Drew is amazing. He is so open and humble as he speaks with the spirit. His book is a powerful story of God’s love for and awareness of us all.