I cringe writing this because of how WRONG it is, but I used to think people went to therapy because they were “weak,” “ineffective,” or “not tough enough to handle life’s challenges.”
It wasn’t until I experienced anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts for the first time in my life that I realized people don’t go to therapy because they’re “weak” or “ineffective.”
People go to therapy because they’re courageous enough to be vulnerable. They’re strong enough to accept the fact that they need *extra* help to solve a problem, receive healing, or move on from a traumatic situation.
I’ve been going to therapy for 5 years now. It’s saved my life (along with medicine, self-care, love of family and friends, and the grace of God).
I am a big advocate for it.
To anyone reading this who may be as prideful, stubborn, or totally wrong as I was — take my experience and decide to get help NOW.
Whether it’s with a licensed professional, trusted friend, or your journal (I know that some can’t afford it), experience the power and freedom vulnerability brings.
Accept your weaknesses, struggles, and illnesses — whether emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual.
Be vulnerable, be humble, and start the journey into the sunlit uplands of a better life.

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