Life doesn’t get better by chance; it gets better by change.

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I’m a two time best selling author, life coach, and advocate for wellness, suicide prevention, kindness, therapy, and Jesus. 

#1 Amazon Bestseller-The Meaning of Your Mission

Lessons & principles to know you are enough

“More books like this one need to be written! I have a whole new look on my life. I don’t have to be perfect in everything. This book has helped my low self-esteem, now I feel important and can like who I am. I know our Savior Jesus Christ loves me for who I am. This book is for everyone who struggles with not knowing YOU ARE ENOUGH!”

I was lying on the floor in my bedroom experiencing a crippling panic attack, one of many that day. I had just returned home early from serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I felt like a failure. The ensuing months involved bouts of debilitating depression, numerous medication prescriptions, countless therapy visits, and feelings of wanting to end it all, at times. 


It was in these moments that I learned a valuable lesson: we all have a mission, both in and out of the Church, and there is meaning in our missions.